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Drawing upon our extensive experience in the field of flooring installation, we proudly offer our services nationwide, spanning across United States.

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Floor Demolition

Safe and efficient removal of existing flooring to prepare for your new installation


Floor Leveling

Ensuring a perfectly level base for a flawless finish


Floor Preparation

Comprehensive preparation services to guarantee the best results for your new flooring

Project Management

From inception to completion, we manage your flooring projects with precision and care.

Site Surveys

We conduct detailed site surveys to ensure accurate planning and execution.

VCT stripping and Waxing

Professional stripping and waxing services to maintain and enhance your VCT flooring


Moisture Testing/RH Moisture Mitigation

Accurate moisture testing and mitigation to prevent flooring issues

Lift System

Specialized lift system services for seamless flooring installations in commercial settings


Store layout Configuration

Expert assistance in configuring your store layout for optimal flow and aesthetic appeal.


Furniture Moving

We handle the heavy lifting, ensuring your furniture is safely moved during the flooring process

Flooring Service Workflow

Throughout each step, effective communication with the client is our key to ensuring a successful flooring service experience.

Site Visit

If necessary, conduct a site visit to assess the condition of the existing flooring (for repair or replacement) or to measure the space (for new installations). This step helps us provide a more accurate estimate and plan the project effectively.


Prepare a detailed cost estimate that outlines the scope of work, labor costs, and any additional expenses such as removal of old flooring.

Proposal and agreement

Present the cost estimate with a formal proposal or contract. This document should clearly outline the project details, timeline, and our warranty of two years

Preparatory work

Prior to installation, prepare the space by removing old flooring (if necessary), ensuring a clean and level subfloor, and making any required repairs or adjustments

Installation or Repair

Execute the installation or repair work according to industry standards and manufacturer recommendations. This phase includes cutting and fitting flooring materials, adhering to adhesive guidelines, and ensuring proper transitions and finishing details.

Quality Assurance

During and after installation, conduct quality checks to ensure the flooring is laid correctly, free from defects, and meets the client’s expectations.

Clean Up

Properly dispose of any waste materials and debris generated during the installation or repair process. Leave the space clean and ready for use.

Final Inspection

Invite the client to inspect the finished work. Address any questions or concerns they may have and make necessary adjustments or touch-ups if required.

Client Satisfaction

Ensure the client is satisfied with the completed project. Encourage feedback and address any issues promptly to achieve complete customer satisfaction.
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Whether you’re curious about our service offerings, our experience, or how we handle specific projects, you’ll find the information you need right here. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We’re here to help!
NWC Flooring offers a comprehensive range of services including Project Management, Site Surveys, Floor Demolition, Floor Leveling, Floor Preparation, VCT Stripping and Waxing, Furniture Moving, Lift System, Store Layout Configuration, Moisture Testing/RH Moisture Mitigation, Turf Installation, Pavers, Natural Stone, Retaining Walls, and Sod Installation.
Our team conducts thorough floor preparation, including removing old flooring, leveling the subfloor, and ensuring the surface is perfectly prepared for the new installation. This ensures a flawless and durable finish.
es, we have extensive experience managing large commercial projects. Our services include Project Management, Lift System, Store Layout Configuration, and more to ensure your commercial space meets your specifications.

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